Aoshima embraced in the Pacific Ocean under full over ...

【Official】Aoshima Grand Hotel

The entrance to the Nichinan Coast National Monument Park. Outdoor bath Heavenly inn that is healed by smooth hot water and superb view

Located in Aoshima which is famous as Miyazaki's southern country resort, it is a magnificent hot spring "Aoshima Haiyuku Onsen" springing in the ocean in the Pacific Ocean.
It is a Japanese style hotel with a superb view of "Daimyo Open Air" which is rare in Japan, where you can enjoy smooth fine springs.

AI Concierge

  • Artificial intelligence concierge "talkappi"

    For inquiries before or during your stay
    Please use the artificial intelligence concierge "talkappi".
    The Artificial Intelligence Concierge will answer your doubts.
    You can contact us not only in Japanese but also in multiple languages!
    QR code is also in your room!
    ※If you have a smartphone, touch here!


  • "Instagram" has begun!

    Aoshima Grand Hotel started Aoshima Grand Hotel Official Instagram !! Moth
    We will post and send out various "aoshima" while enjoying the "looks" of female employees.
    I am very glad if you follow me! Moth
    Thank you. (^ _ ^)



  • About a 4-minute walk from the hotel "Aoshima Beach Park" OPEN!

    Aoshima Beach Park is open until September 29 (Sun).
    About four minutes on foot from our house!
    It was 10 consecutive holidays of this year's Golden Week, which is full room thanks to you.
    It was a great success on May 5 (Sunday), which can be called the last night of stay!
    For next year and for future reference
    We will post the contents of 5/5 as a representative of the event!
    ≪5/5 Cinema & Fireworks≫
    ◆19:00 to 20:30 BEACH SIDE CINEMA. This time, the animation movie "Pet" popular with children is screened!
    ◆From 20:30, the fireworks display from Aoshima Shrine!
  • The ID of Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is the whole building "aoshimagh"!

    The end of January 2019 this year,
    Construction of Wi-Fi (wireless LAN) is completed,
    All rooms are available for free use.
    Outside the room, lobby on the 1st floor, elevator hall on each floor, 2nd floor meal venue, banquet hall
    It is possible to use it.

    ※Connection is possible without a password.
    ※Since we do not provide any special security,
    Sorry, but regarding that point under your own responsibility
    Please make your decision before use.

Facility Information

  • Guide inside this facility other than the room

    ↓ Guide in order from the top
    "8th Floor", Rooftop view Outdoor bath
    "7th floor to 3rd floor", Guest room floor
    "Second floor", Dining Hall·Banquet Hall·Meeting room floor

    【1st floor】Control center focusing on the front desk!
      Giants Gallery·lobby·shop·Vending machine corner

    【B1F】Large Communal Bath, Karaoke room, Game corner, Laundromat
  • front desk

    Check in, Check-out, checkout, tourist information, copy (charged), fax (charged) and various inquiries desk, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • 1st floor, Giants Gallery

    The Giants gallery at the back of the lobby on the first floor
    Miyazaki Camp 60th anniversary
    It was renewed in December 2018.
    Enjoy 60 years of history!
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Access to Aoshima Grand Hotel

Google Map

Hotel Name

Aoshima Grand Hotel


1-16-64 Aoshima, Miyazaki City

Telephone number



【Walking】Aoshima Bus Stop 4 minutes(350 m)/JR Nichinan Line Aoshima Station 7 minutes(550 m) ·Children's country station 12 minutes (1 km)
【car·Go No.200 South】Miyazaki IC 12 minutes(11.3 km)/Miyazaki airport 13 minutes (10.4 km)
※24 minutes from the city center of Miyazaki city (prefectural office)! The address of Aoshima Grand Hotel is Miyazaki City!
※Calculated at GoogleMap.

《Guide for pickup》
※We can not always pick you up. A person with hands will pick you up.
【Pickup location】JR Nichinan Line Aoshima Station only. It is a distance of about 7 minutes on foot and 2 minutes by car.
【personnel】From 1 to 9 individuals. Group impossible
【Reservation】Needed / Informed in advance of arrival time, on the day
【Used car】It is a regular car transfer. We do not own private bus for transfer.
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In order to provide more time to relax ~

  • Please enjoy a pleasant sleep with fluffy duvet and body-friendly BREATHAIR.

    The linked page is a business guide for a hotel
    Because it is easy to understand for everyone in general, I linked it!

    All the futon of this facility has good quality duvet and
    It changed to BREATHAIR mat.
    You can enjoy the time of relaxation for everyone staying in good quality 'hot spring' and 'sleep', passion 'cooking'.

    All the rooms changed to the latest duvet and the pillow was completely renewed.
    After relaxing in the hot springs, please take a rest with a fluffy comfortable duvet.

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