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Hot Springs

A healing Aoshima Umisachi Onsen that reminds you of yourself

"Observation large outdoor bath" of the landscape that Aoshima like Qingdaishashii Pacific Ocean, "Big Bath" underground that can thoroughly enjoy the hot springs

You can enjoy hot springs featuring features such as 'Outdoor bath' attached to guest room.

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Rooftop floor, Outdoor bath

Pacific Ocean ~ MICHELIN GREEN GUIDE (JAPON)★★The myth of (Nitsu stars) island Aoshima the view tatami-mat Daimyo Open Air bath"

< A large open-air bath "Kicho">

  • I renewed the whole surface to a tatami floor.You can enjoy relaxing outdoor bath while watching Aoshima ~ Pacific Ocean.  【Capacity】15 people, "Washroom" 4 places
  • < Observatory middle open-air bath "Horizon">

    It is located on the northern side of the outdoor hot spring outdoor bath and Aoshima is hard to see, but you can enjoy hot springs while watching the Pacific Ocean which is spread out in your eyes.

    【Capacity】10 people
    【Washroom】2 places
    【Opening Hours】From 16:00 to 23:00 (One-day bathing until reception 21:00)
  • < Family open-air bath"Aoshima">

    A view that you can relax and enjoy with your family There is a rest room with a nice view on the outdoor bath.

    【Capacity】4 people
    【Washroom】2 places
    【Charge】¥ 2,500(tax excluded)/50 minutes
    ※Reservation required, Reception desk from 9:00
    【Opening Hours】From 16:00 to 23:00 (One-day bathing until reception 21:00)

Basement large public bath

The "large public bath" full of tatami mat flooring is hard to slip, you can feel the elegance and luxury feeling.

  • < Large bath Ushio(Male bath)>

    【Capacity】40 people
    【Washroom】13 places
    【Opening Hours】13:00 to 23:00 (One-day bathing until reception 21:00)
  • < The large public bath "Sazanami"(Female bath )>

    【Capacity】30 people
    【Washroom】11 places
    【Opening Hours】13:00 to 23:00 (One-day bathing until reception 21:00)

Room with Open Air Bath

( Capacity 4 people, 4 rooms)

Spread superb view of the ocean view, it is equipped with parlor Daimyo Open Air bath.

I will take the hotel's Aoshima Onsen in my favorite time.Please enjoy the ultimate healing.

  • <Private open-air bath attached>

    You can go out to the outdoor bath (back of the photo) soon from the room and enjoy hot springs as much as you like at any time.
  • < 7th floor Japanese style room with open-air bath >

    The open-air bath has the same "tatami floor" bathtub as the big public bath or rooftop open-air bath and each room is different type.
  • 【About tattoo (tattooing and tattoo)】
    In recent years, as the number of foreign tourists has increased, society's perceptions of tattoo (tattooing and tattooing) have changed, but at this institution the tattoo (tattoo, tattoo) of the tattoo Please refrain from bathing a big public bath and outdoor bath at a customer. Even a tattoo for fashion purpose or religious reason may cause unpleasant feelings to other customers, so humbly thank you for your understanding and cooperation. For those with tattoos (tattoos / tattoos), we recommend that you use a bath in your room, or use a private bath on the 8th floor (2,500 yen (excluding tax) / 50 minutes).