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With a little bit of legs, myths and nature

A tourist spot including the power spot "Aoshima Shrine" that can be walked.Enjoy "Miyazaki" showing various faces based on the hotel!
  • Aoshima Shrine

    MICHELIN GREEN GUIDE (JAPON) 2 star "」, a shrine attracting attention as a power spot

    【Opening Hours】Sunrise to sunset
  • Miyako Botanic Garden Aoshima

    Aoshima Approach to a shrine subtropical botanical garden renewed along the Aoshima Approach to a shrine from 1954 in March, Heisei 28!
    Rare plants transferred from overseas and large trees of mango which became famous for Miyazaki are planted.Colorful flowers bloom all year round.

    【Opening time】8:30 - 17(Inside the park), "Fee" entry free【Closed days】7 days a week
  • Miyazaki City Aoshima Park Golf Club(AOPAGO)

    It is a park golf course officially recognized by the Japan Park Golf Association.course resort feeling of tropical vegetation

    【Opening Hours】From 9 o'clock to 17 o'clock (from 5/1 to 9/30 from 8 o'clock to 18 o'clock), all year round
  • Aoshima Activity Center (Aoshima Surfing Center)

    Challenge surfing on the beach for beginners!

    A facility where you can enjoy various marine sports such as surfing and body boarding.
    Aoshima Beach has relatively small waves and is easy to challenge for beginners.
    Since it is a small number of instruction by a veteran instructor, let's participate with peace of mind.
    The center is in front of the beach and has a heated shower and changing room.
    It is also nice to be able to rent the boards and wetsuits needed for the experience free of charge.
    • Aoshima Activity Center

      1-16-1 Qingdao Miyazaki City Miyazaki Prefecture
      ANA Holiday Inn Resort Miyazaki

      A 7-minute walk from Nichinan line "children of the country Station"


      Opening Hours
      From 9:00 to 17:00

      Regular holiday

      Surf school 5,832 yen, body board school 5,292 yen
      ※Reservation required by the day before (Necessary consultation on the day)
  • Aoshima Golf Club

    It is a golf course located about a 5-minute drive from Aoshima Grand Hotel.
    You can see the Aoshima Grand Hotel at the 5th hole ahead towards the coast.
    The course is located on the hillside along Aoshima Beach is also famous for surfing Mecca.
    One of Japan's leading ocean resort course that you can play while enjoying the sound of the waves and ocean views.
    • Aoshima Golf Club

      Miyazaki City Miyazaki Prefecture