【Official】Aoshima Grand Hotel

The entrance to Nichinan-kaigan Quasi-National Park. Outdoor bath Heavenly inn that is healed by smooth hot water and superb view

Located in Aoshima, which is famous as a southern resort in Miyazaki, Aoshima Umisachi Onsen a hot spring with a superb view of the Pacific Ocean.
It is a Japanese style hotel with a superb view of "Daimyo Open Air" which is rare in Japan, where you can enjoy smooth fine springs.

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    Jimomiya Tabi Campaign
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★The Jimomiya Tabi campaign has been extended until May 31st! Expanded application to all prefectures in Kyushu!

  • Jimomiya Tabi CPN "Travel Agency & Rurubu" = All prefectures in Kyushu/ /"Jalan net& Rakuten Travel" = Miyazaki citizens only

    "Jimomiya Tabi Campaign" Extended accommodation period is from 5/9 to 5/31!
    Vaccination 3 times or test negative proof is required.
    【Rurubu Travel】All prefectures in Kyushu are OK!
    【Campaign registration travel agency】Addition of registered contractors in each prefecture of Kyushu, for details"Shun Navi"
    【Jalan net& Rakuten Travel】Limited to Miyazaki citizens!
    ◆The use of the Jimomiya Tabi Coupon will be extended until June 1st regardless of the expiration date on the face of the coupon.
    ◆Staying after 5/9 for the extension requires 3 vaccinations or a negative PCR test within 3 days!
    ◆We do not accept "direct reservations" by phone or from our Official website.
    ※For details, please refer to the home page "Shun Navi" of the Miyazaki Prefecture Tourism Association.

◆Thank you for your continued cooperation in epidemic prevention measures.◆

  • Thank you for your continued cooperation in epidemic prevention measures.

    ※We are taking the following measures for the safety and security of our customers, and we sincerely appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    ◆Please cooperate with normal epidemic prevention measures such as wearing a mask, measuring temperature, and disinfecting hands.


  • ◆【Private observation open-air bath, you can also take a day trip bath! 】

    ※A reservation is required from 9 am on the day!
    ※Six sections of the hour start from 16:00 to 21:00.However, for those who stay overnight, the start is at 22:00.
    ※Bathing time is 50 minutes every hour.10 minutes cleaning.

    【Capacity】4 people
    【Washroom】2 places
    【Charge】¥2,750 (tax included)/50 minutes 
    【Opening Hours】From 16:00 to 23:00(Day trip bathing is until 21:00 reception)
         ※Reservation required on the day from 9:00 reception desk or telephone
  • ◆Breakfast will be "Japanese breakfast set menu" for the time being.※The photograph is an image.

    【News of breakfast buffet suspension】
    In light of the current situation
    To ensure customer safety and security
    Pause the breakfast buffet for the time being
    We will inform you that it will be served on the "Japanese breakfast set menu".
    Thank you for your understanding
    Thank you very much.
    ※The photograph is an image.

Parking lot information

  • Please stop in the empty space that is easy to be a maiden.

    ◆First of all, please put it in the paved area of "B" and "C" (indicated in dark blue) at the entrance.
    ◆If there is no space in "B" and "C", please use unpaved "A", "D", "E" and "F" (indicated in orange).
    ◆Please be sure to contact us in advance if you are arriving by a large vehicle such as a bus.
    ◆You cannot park in the space where the traffic cone is placed.
    ◆An EV charging stand is installed in only one section in the "C" space.

Go To Travel campaign undecided

  • ※This is a guide for resuming the GoTo Travel Campaign.The content will change next time.

    ※It is for reference only, and the content will change when it resumes!
    "Regional common 15% OFF coupon" can also be used at our hotel shops, etc. >>
    ※The "GoTo Travel Campaign Discount" will not be applied once your reservation is complete! After making a reservation, click the image on the left to move to the STAY NAVI service and apply for the GoTo campaign discount by yourself.
    ※Payment is local payment only!
    ※We do not register on your behalf.

    Issued by STAY NAVI after issuing the coupon"GoTo Travel Campaign Discount Coupon Number]
    You can get a discount by presenting at the front desk. 
    ※Please also sign.
  • As a measure against corona, we have newly adopted the "Eco Win Filter" measure using an air conditioner!

    ◆It is provided in the lobby and the dining venue on the 2nd floor.
    ◆The sterilizing power of copper ions contained in the filter suppresses the growth of various fungi, viruses, and molds.
  • "Space sterilization" is applied to all floors and all guest rooms on each floor!

    【For your safety and security! 】
    ◆Humidifier spray type on all floors. "Spatial eradication]
    ◆Deferred type in all guest rooms. "Spatial eradication]
    ◆The buttons and other contact surfaces of the elevator are subject to persistent antibacterial work.
    ◆In addition to "spatial disinfection", several ion disinfection air purifiers are installed.
    ◆Don't hesitate to use it as "sterilization sprays" are placed in various places.
    ◆The layout is based on social distance.
    ◆Employees always wash their hands and wear masks while rude.

    【Request to customers! 】
    Please wear a mask.If you wish, we will give you one at the front desk.

    ※The karaoke room, game corner and sauna are closed.

Facility Information

  • Guide inside this facility other than the room

    ↓ Guide in order from the top
    "8th Floor", Rooftop view Outdoor bath
    "7th floor to 3rd floor", Guest room floor
    "Second floor", Dining Hall·Banquet Hall·Meeting room floor

    【1st floor】Control center focusing on the front desk!
      Giants Gallery·lobby·shop·Vending machine corner

    【B1F】Large Communal Bath, Karaoke room, Game corner, Laundromat
  • front desk

    Check in, Check-out, checkout, tourist information, copy (charged), fax (charged) and various inquiries desk, please do not hesitate to ask.
  • 1st floor, Giants Gallery

    The Giants Gallery back of the 1st floor lobby
    Miyazaki Camp 60th anniversary
    It was renewed in December 2018.
    Enjoy 60 years of history!
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Access to Aoshima Grand Hotel

Google Map

Hotel Name

Aoshima Grand Hotel


1-16-64 Aoshima, Miyazaki City

Telephone number



【Walking】Aoshima Bus Stop 4 minutes(350 m)/JR Nichinan Line Aoshima Station 7 minutes(550 m) ·Kodomonokuni Station 12 minutes (1 km)
【car·Go No.200 South】Miyazaki IC 12 minutes(11.3 km)/Miyazaki Airport 13 minutes (10.4 km)
※24 minutes from Miyazaki City center (prefectural office)! The address of Aoshima Grand Hotel is in Miyazaki!
※Calculated with Google Maps.

《Guide for pickup》
※We can not always pick you up. A person with hands will pick you up.
【Pickup location】JR Nichinan Line Aoshima Station only. It is a distance of about 7 minutes on foot and 2 minutes by car.
【personnel】From 1 to 9 individuals. Group impossible
【Reservation】Needed / Informed in advance of arrival time, on the day
【Used car】It is a regular car transfer. We do not own private bus for transfer.
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