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Using the local food of Miyazaki, there are a number of dishes that will surely satisfy you.

Rikyu Sakari is a hotel original and salad sensual sashimi that you can apply sesame lettuce with vegetables such as leaves of perilla and three leaves tuna that is picked up in Nichinan waters.

In addition, breakfast is served with miso soup that uses luxuriously grown rice from Ebinoshi Agricultural Cooperative, Miyazaki Prefecture in Miyazaki Prefecture, and local migratory rice cakes that pray for safe travel.

Please welcome the beginning of the day.

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  • << Before booking >>

    The stated fee will be charged separately.For meals not accompanied by accommodation only available for groups of 10 or more adults.Each dish content, number of items, fee etc. varies depending on the setting plan and the season.

For dinner, lunch, supplementary cuisine etc., consultation is available according to your budget.

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( Adult Party Cuisine)


(Same for both adults and children)


(Advance reservation required for group / group)

  • § Other dishes example §

    · Fun boat of the sea bream ¥ 10,000, ·Shirahama(Sashimi Akihiro) ¥ 7,000, ·Chicken charcoal grilling(4 people advanced) ¥ 2000, ·From fruit salon 3,000 yen to, ·Kawara Soba 700 yen
    · Boiled fish in the oven ¥ 700, ·Tsubasa's tsubu-kaki 1,200 yen, ·Shrimp grilled salt 1,500 yen

    (All taxes)
  • Other dishes example

    · Fun boat of the sea bream ¥ 10,000
    · Shirahama(Sashimi Akihiro) ¥ 7,000
    · Chicken charcoal grilling(4 people advanced)¥ 2000
    · From fruit salon 3,000 yen to
    · Kawara Soba 700 yen
    · Boiled fish in the oven ¥ 700
    · Tsubasa's tsubu-kaki 1,200 yen
    · Shrimp grilled salt 1,500 yen


Second floorConference·Banquet·Dining Hall·Japanese style venue·Banquet
basic specifications| Each hall, Japanese style
Corresponding formatJapanese expression, Western style
Japanese styleToi no Ma 94 square meters(With stage) / Nichinan no Ma 65 sq.m / Udo no Ma 65 sq.m / Akae no Ma 65 sq.m / Hyuga no Ma 94 sq m(Sea side 38 square meters·Mountain side 43 square meters) / 29 square meters Saito no Ma
Western styleTakachiho no Ma(Dining) 109 square meters / Oyodo-Tei(Restaurant) Western style

Usage fee

Meeting roomFrom 11,000 yen/2 hours
karaoke1 unit 8,800 yen / 2 hours
OtherProjector screen 1 type, Three microphones, 3 white boards, Banner, One temporary stage, One podium···Inquiries
Different arrangementCompanion 1 person 12,000 yen / 2 hours, ※Extended Fee: 1 person 3,000 yen / 30 minutes

Beverage fee

Single itemBeer(Middle bottle)770 yen / draft beer(During ~)715 yen, (small)440 yen / non-alcoholic beer 330 yen / Japanese sake(1 eggplant) 660 yen / cold drink 1,100 yen / soft drink(Oolong tea, etc.)275 yen / shochu(1 eggplant, potato·wheat·Rice)440 yen / Shochu 900ml bottle(potato·wheat) 2,200 yen
※The above is a typical one and all consumption tax included.
All-you-can-drink(Excluding draft beer, wine, cold sake), 3,300 yen / 2 hours, etc.
※Consumption tax included
  • ※If you bring in, you will be charged separately.