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Educational travel guide

Educational travel(School excursion)Accommodation

Miyazaki Prefecture, a country of the sun in an environment where annual sunshine hours and fine days are Japan top class.

In addition, the land of Hyuga mythology has been scattered in various places, and it is drawing attention as a power spot.

Blessed with rich nature, it is the most suitable environment for food, sports and learning.

  • Features of Aoshima

    Aoshima, surrounded by wavy rocks known as “Oni-no-sentaku-ita”, is located in Nichinan-kaigan Quasi-National Park, and the subtropical plants growing on the island are designated as national special natural monuments.
    Also nearby are the mythical Aoshima Shrine, the Prefectural Aoshima Subtropical Botanical Garden, and the 100 Best Comfortable Beaches in Japan Aoshima Beach in 100 Best Comfortable Beaches in Japan.
    Also, from the hotel, there is a convenient 20-minute drive from Miyazaki IC from Beppu, Kumamoto, Takachiho, Ebino, Kirishima and Kagoshima. Scheduling and planning for general groups and school trips is also easy.
  • Hotel Overview

    The hotel accommodates 98 rooms in total and accommodates 412 people in general rooms.For school excursions, it is possible to accommodate 300 high school students, 350 junior high school students and 400 primary school students.
    The style of the guest room is mainly 4 to 5 people for general and high school students, junior high school students' school excursions, and Japanese-style room with Japanese-style room with 5 to 6 people on elementary school trips.
    I am convinced that you can enjoy the wonderfulness of the natural environment around the hotel and contribute to the safety of your trip and the creation of rich memories.
    All of our employees in Miyazaki and Aoshima are waiting from the bottom of our heart.
Name of facilityAoshima Grand Hotel
location1-16-64 Aoshima, Miyazaki City, Miyazaki Prefecture
Parking50 passenger cars·8 buses
Building structureRebar 7 stories
Capacity98 rooms accommodate 412 people
Elevator2 machines(Each 9 people·600 kg correspondence), ※1 machine only 1F ~ RF operation
Meals in Dining HallRestaurant or hall
Broadcast facilityBroadcasting is available from the front desk to the entire building and each floor
A washroomEach room equipped·7 other places
Meeting place1st floor lobby · 2nd floor hall offering
Emergency evacuation gathering placeHotel 1st floor front door parking lot
emergency exitIt gathers at the entrance front parking lot from the north, central, south side emergency stairs on each floor.
Employees are guided by emergency.
Emergency responseOn-site broadcasting complete·Emergency broadcasting at power failure
Disaster prevention equipmentWe are equipped with automatic fire alarm, fire hydrant, fire extinguisher, disaster prevention door, we are striving for initial fire extinguishing · evacuation guidance.

Affiliated department

Police stationMiyazaki Minami Police Station(Miyazaki City Tsunekyu 878-1), TEL 0 985-50-0110
Fire stationMiyazaki Minami Fire Station(3160-1 Hongo Kitakata, Miyazaki City), TEL 0 985-53-0033
Public health centerMiyazaki Public Health Center(Miyazaki Station Miyazaki Station East 1-6-2), TEL, 0985-29-4111


※Advance contact required except in case of emergency

Small Green Medicine Clinic【Internal medicine·Department of Gastroenterology·Cardiovascular·Respiratory department】
485-2 Kumano, Miyazaki City, TEL 0 985-58-1515
※Approximately 11 minutes by car
Kameyama Memorial Clinic【Internal medicine·Pediatrics·Cardiovascular·Orthopedics·Dermatology】
1-1 Kumano, Miyazaki City, TEL 0 985-58-1511
※Approximately 12 minutes by car
Miyazaki Night's Emergency Disease Center783-1, Funato, Shin-Beppu-cho, Miyazaki-shi, TEL 0 985-23-3119
※Approximately 33 minutes by car

In-house facilities

vending machineThe basement(alcohol)·1st floor(alcohol·Beverage)·Rooftop floor (Beverage)
※No sale stops, only for handling papers
IcemakerNothing, ※Ice can be arranged at the front desk.【Toll】
shop1st floor, ① From 16: 30 to 21: 30, ② 07: 00 to 10: 00
【Souvenirs, Sweets, Shochu, Beverage, home delivery】
Amusement facilityBasement game corner, ※You can not stop business if you have general customers
Public phoneFirst floor lobby, One
home deliveryReceived at the 1st floor front desk or 1st floor shop, from 07: 00-21: 30

Accommodation Rooms

Number of rooms【Japanese-style room】63 rooms, "Western-style room" 7 rooms, "Japanese + Western room" 20 rooms, "Special room" 4 rooms, "Room with open-air bath" 4 rooms
98 rooms in total
Number of floors3rd floor to 7th floor
Facilitiestv set·Extension phone·refrigerator(Contents sky)·Simple safe·Air conditioning·bus·With toilet
※Dryer, LAN cable etc. are lent out

Meals·Conference·Appointment·Recreation site

Dinner from 18: 00, Breakfast 07: 00

Second floor hall(Size)ListToi no Ma - 94 square meters, Nichinan no Ma -65 square meters, Udo no Ma -65 m2, Akae no Ma 65 m2
Takachiho no Ma 109 square meters, Hyuga no Ma - 94 square meters
Maximum tatami number·Capacity·Toi no Ma+Nichinan no Ma+Udo no Ma+Akae no Ma - up to 291 square meters(Capacity 200 people)
·Takachiho no Ma up to 109 square meters (Capacity 60 people)
·Hyuga no Ma - up to 94 square meters(Capacity 60 people)
  • ◆About handling water bottles

    If necessary, we will prepare a class table at the entrance of the dinner venue and hand it over to the next morning at breakfast.

    ◆Meals provided

    All meals are in accordance with Japanese cuisine with general groups.(If there is a separate menu, see that)
    We will prepare breakfast at Japanese-style meal.

Hot spring bath

【Night】From 16:00 to 23:00, "Morning" from 06: 00 to 09: 00

Basement bath"Tide, ", Capacity 40 people, Number of wash places 13
"Sazanami", Capacity 30 people, Number of washrooms 11
Outdoor bath"Kicho", Capacity 15 people, Number of wash places 4
"Horizon", Capacity 10 people, Number of wash places 2
"Aoshima", (※ Paid Private Bath)Capacity 4 people, Number of wash places 2
Notes"Aoshima" is a family bath of the same day reservation (fee 2,700 yen / 50 minutes)
SuppliesDryer -·shampoo·rinse·Body Soap·With soap

Educational travel acceptance content

  • 【1】 Welcome method

    Greeting from the entrance by front desk ※Depending on the weather, it may be done in the lobby on the first floor.

    【2】 Method of contact

    A: Opening of the basement bath.(Open as a private school for a fixed period of time from 16:00)
    B: Shoes are worn to each room, slippers are acceptable for movement within the facility.(Prepared in the room)
    Ha: When you arrive, we will guide you to the manager (general of the group / travel committee) in the lobby, such as an emergency exit / meal venue etc., general in-facility information and explanation.
    D: For the management of valuables, use a simple safe in the room.If instructed by the school, we will prepare valuables bags for each room.We will collect it at the front desk on the 1st floor together.
    E: Pay TV can be set to disabled.
    He: The use of the game corner (B1F), vending machine (various places), tea ceremony (1F) will follow the instructions of the school.
    ___ ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ ___ 0(The whole building every floor)
    Chi: There is no contents inside the refrigerator in the room.Please use it freely.

    【3】 Hotel details

    Building structure is 7 floors of reinforcing bar, guest room specification is mainly Japanese room of 4 to 5 people in Japanese style, Japanese + Western style room, room for different groups is also easy, and private baths (40 person · 30 people) can be reserved .In-house schedule can proceed smoothly.
    I am convinced that you can use it for all elementary, junior high and senior high schools throughout the country, and accept experience of school excursions and contribute to the creation of rich memories of the journey.

    【Four】 Hazardous area·No-entry area

    There is no particularly dangerous zone except at night in Aoshima.
    (Shopping district near Aoshima entrance / approach road (business hours are until 17:00 each shop) are out of range)

    【Five】 Hot spring bath(Basement bath·Outdoor bath)

    Source name : Aoshima Umisachi Onsen
    Fountain quality: Sodium chloride·Bicarbonate salt hot spring
    Indications: neuralgia · muscle pain · joint pain · frozen shoulder · bruises · whippers · chronic dermatitis etc.
    《Please enjoy the time of healing at the legendary hot Aoshima Onsen"Aoshima Onsen" far from the old days》

Selected Japanese menu

  • ※The substitution of white rice is free.
    ※Cooking equipment and menus vary depending on the season.
    ※Photos and menus are examples.